Restorative Dentistry – Frisco, TX

Quickly Fixing Your Damaged Teeth

You might be embarrassed about having a cavity or a broken tooth, but these problems are more common than many people realize; virtually everyone has to deal with them at some point, which is why it’s so important to have a dedicated dental team that can provide you with comprehensive treatment options for repairing your smile. Call Blue Star Smiles today to learn more about our options for restorative dentistry in Frisco, TX and to schedule an appointment right away if your smile needs help.

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Smile compared to tooth colored filling shade options

Amalgam fillings are strong and can last a long time, but they also leave a very noticeable gray mark on the tooth and can increase its sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. Tooth-colored fillings are highly preferred nowadays because they are just as strong as amalgam but can be shaded to match the color of a tooth so perfectly that it looks just like a natural part of the mouth. It also doesn’t expand and contract in response to temperature changes, and there’s no sensitivity to worry about.

Dental Crowns

Dental crown resting on a fingertip prior to placement

A dental crown can serve a few different functions. It can restore the shape of a tooth that has been damaged, or it can serve as protection for weakened enamel so that it doesn’t break while you’re biting and chewing. The versatility of crowns makes them a great option for treating all kinds of dental problems, and they can be made from different materials based on the situation. It will take at least two appointments to place a dental crown, but this is necessary to ensure that the final result is the best possible fit.

Root Canal Therapy

Animated smile during root canal therapy process

A cracked or chipped tooth could be vulnerable to infection. The only way to treat infected dental pulp is to have it removed via root canal therapy before the damage can spread any further. While it’s common to experience severe pain before the infection is treated, patients find that the root canal process itself involves little to no discomfort, and it puts a stop to the pain they were already experiencing. The tooth is repaired with a crown afterward.

Tooth Extractions

Woman holding up tooth after extraction

While there are a number of treatments we can utilize to try and repair your teeth after they’ve been damaged, there are times when salvage is no longer a feasible option. We handle both simple and surgical extractions with a gentle touch, and we’ll make sure that you have a swift, comfortable recovery process. It’s best to have your missing teeth replaced as soon as possible, so if we decide tooth extraction is necessary, we’ll let you know what your replacement options are right away.