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Are there any pressing dental questions that have been on your mind for a long time? Education is one of our top priorities at Blue Star Smiles, so we’ve put together a list of answers for some of the questions that we’ve heard most often. Give us a call if there’s anything else you want to know!

How Do I Know When It Is Time for a Dental Checkup?

You should have a dental checkup twice a year. If you haven’t visited the dentist for over six months, now’s the time to call Blue Star Smiles to have your smile examined and cleaned.

Do You See Kids?

Yes, we see patients of all ages, meaning we’re able to treat entire families in one location. We’re very mindful of how we treat children; we want their early experiences at our dental office to help them feel more comfortable about going to the dentist on their own later in life. If there’s something you want to know about your child’s dental development, such as when baby teeth are supposed to come out, let us know.

How Can You Improve the Appearance of My Smile?

There are a number of services we offer that focus solely on hiding and correcting aesthetic imperfections like chips, stains, and gaps. Veneers, cosmetic bonding, and teeth whitening are just a few examples of cosmetic dentistry; set up a consultation with us to learn more.

Is Tooth Pain a Dental Emergency?

There’s not just one cause of tooth pain, so how serious it actually depends on the situation. That said, more often than not the cause is linked to decay or a dental infection. We recommend scheduling an emergency appointment right away if your tooth starts to hurt and doesn’t stop after 24 to 48 hours.

Do I Need to Have My Tooth Replaced?

It’s better to have a tooth saved whenever you can, but if it has already been badly damaged or decayed, at some point replacing it might be the only option left. Dental implants are the most complete form of tooth replacement, as they can act as new tooth roots. That said, we’ll help you pick out the kind of tooth replacement that’s right for you.

What Do Bleeding Gums Mean?

If your gums bleed easily, it means that you have an early form of gum disease and need to take action before it turns into an infection and causes you to start losing teeth. We can treat gum disease with scaling and root planing, which involves removing harmful bacteria and creating an environment where the gums can heal more easily.

Do You Take Insurance?

We take BlueCross BlueShield, Aetna, and many other popular insurance plans; call us any time to see what benefits are available with your own PPO.

Featured Video Frequently Asked Questions

Our video FAQs go into more detail about certain services and oral health topics that many patients are interested in but are unsure about the specifics. You can find a sample below; if you’re interested in learning more about dentistry, why not peruse our video FAQ library for a while?